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Customer Testimonials

What People Are Saying About DogWatch

Ruth & Tom M.

We all thank you so very much and look forward to years of the dogs hanging safely around our yard!

Tom and I, (Vicky & Sherman too) want to thank you for our hidden fence. The dogs needed extra work to be trained and Tim went above and beyond, coming out numerous times to help Tom and me train the dogs. It is obvious Tim cares deeply for our dogs and for our satisfaction in the DogWatch fence.

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Ruth & Tom M.

Nick S.

Tim from DogWatch did an amazing job for me. At first I was a little hesitant. He made the product sound too good to be true. To make me feel at ease he offered me a full money back guarantee on all equipment. He charged me $600 less than the competition quoted me and I don't need batteries for another 2 years! SOLD! So Tim came out and did an amazing job installing the fence on some tricky terrain on my property. He trained me and my dog on how to use it. After 1 day my dog would not go near the flags he had put up. This product has been working great so far and my dog gets to enjoy 2.5 acres all the time without being tied up. He even made it go around my chicken coop and garden... All in all, a great value and awesome follow up service. My dog is an 80 pound German Shepherd and she won't cross the hidden fence for anything!

Doreen C.

Words can not express how thankful we are to have had Tim install our DogWatch fence. If we could spend money on anything again in our lives, it would be without a doubt this dog fence equipment. We are amazed at how simple our lives have become. We originally compared all dog fence products but nothing allows a homeowner the versatility and ease of this system. Thank you to Tim and to DogWatch for giving us the best gift we could ask for...and giving our dog Jewels the privilege to run free in her yard without worry.

Glen and Deb

WOW, many thanks for the new fence. I have to admit that I was doubtful that it would be easy to train our puppies, or even that the fence would work at all. Well, the fence was installed on Friday and the puppies were off their leashes on Sunday!!!! They are 5 month old lab retriever mixes with tons of energy and it does our hearts good to watch them race and wrestle in the yard. They just love their free time.

Additionally, the inside unit has made life much better for our cats. Once installed in the laundry room and the flags placed at the door, we can now leave the cat food out all of the time and the litter box goes undisturbed.

All in all this is a great thing for everyone in our household.

Lindsey and Scott H. – Nokomis, FL

Thanks ever so much for your professional help with our little friend "Cabo". Our DogWatch Hidden Fence has been so helpful with allowing us to let Cabo out, at any time, day or night, and knowing he is safe and sound in our own yard. Also, the fact that the fence is underground allows us no change of scenery, which is a big plus having waterfront property. We are very particular about our pets and we feel that you and Dee were true professionals in how you handled the entire process, especially the valuable dog training. Many thanks!

David and Cheryl C. (and Buster) – Bradenton, Florida

We just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how the DogWatch Hidden Fence is working for our family. As you know (and Love), our American bulldog, Buster, is quite a character. Remember the first day of training? He was sooo stubborn! Since that day though, he has come a long way.

We moved into a community that does not allow fences on the perimeter of our property. Therefore, we felt that your company would be a perfect solution to this issue and as it turns out, it definitely was.

Buster is not a very active dog, but he really LOVES being able to mosey around the yard without a leash. There is a lot of activity in our neighborhood - kids on bikes, golf carts, runners, etc. and even though he may bark at them or react to their presence, he always stays in the yard and does not venture into the "danger zone". Even if he gets close, once he hears the initial warning beep, he backs up and does not go any further.

Training him was so much easier than we had anticipated. It was almost like he trained himself. It only took a few warnings and/or corrections, and that was it.

The DogWatch Hidden Fence system has been a huge relief for us and has definitely made Buster a happy camper. I have to admit, though, I was initially against this type of containment, but once I was educated on how it worked, and realized that it was perfectly safe for our dog, it completely changed my misconception.

Thank you so much for your prompt and professional installation, always being available to answer questions or concerns, and the time you spent training us as well as Buster.

We would definitely recommend DogWatch Hidden Fence to anyone we know! Thanks again!

Hershel K. – Lakewood Ranch, Florida

My wife and I recently located to Sarasota in a development that does not allow fencing and were exhaustively researching underground fence systems for dogs when we contacted Tim one month ago to date. When Tim came by to give us a free estimate and counsel on how a DogWatch system operates I was a bit skeptical. Needless to say I was wrong. Tim is one of the most ethical and dedicated business owners I know. When he says he will do X, you can count on him doing X, Y, and Z. He goes above and beyond for his customers. Within several days of meeting with Tim fit us in to his busy schedule, completed our fence, and did several trainings with our dog and has been by several times checking up and providing any assistance or service we need. Also, DogWatch fence system is incredible. I know my pup must appreciate that I can turn up/down/off sensitivity of the system according to the needs of my dog.

I highly recommend the DogWatch system to all the dog lovers out there!

Chris & Rosemary B.

Tim Smith repaired our hidden fence last week, first on a temporary basis and then in a much more permanent fashion, employing PVC pipe buried with the loop inserted through. He made these repairs efficiently and expertly, impressing both my wife and myself with his thoroughness and the considerate explanation of his process. He completed this repair in a timely fashion, with care for the landscaping and property.

We would recommend Tim without hesitation or qualification. Our assessment is that:
1) He has a good business manner as he appears to easily manage a busy schedule and he posses a strong work ethic, he went non-stop on our project, finishing with nary a break.
2) He has excellent sales skills, he is certainly personable and a good listener. He made us aware of other company products/solutions, which we will be using in the future.
3) His workmanship is exemplary, he understands the nuances of the DogWatch® product.

Cindy B. – MSW, LCSW

Individual and Family Therapist

It is my pleasure to recommend Tim Smith as your DogWatch Representative. Tim is pleasant and customer service oriented. I had misplaced my system from my previous home and Tim worked with me to get my underground fence up and running for the first day in my new home.

The dogs have not violated the fence once! They remembered the flags from other home and had no problem making the transition to the new home.

Tim, thank you for helping us out and making our transition to Sarasota so smooth and comfortable.

Eva and Kevin H.

We are very pleased with our hidden fence. Not only is it more economical, it gives our pet more freedom of movement than a regular fence. It is not a visual issue like a normal fence. The product does work.

Also we were happy with the service Tim provided. He was very thorough with the installation and training with the pet. He displayed a true affection towards the animal he was working with.

I would give Tim a high approval rating and feel confident referring customers to him.


I had made the decision to purchase a hidden fence to keep our one year old lab in our yard. Most of our neighbors had purchased the Invisible Fence brand. I had their representative come out and give me a quote. I also went to the Internet and found another company by the name of DogWatch. I talked to their representative and found the technology and cost was better with DogWatch. DogWatch uses FM band whereas the Invisible fence company uses AM band. The battery used by DogWatch lasts 2 years whereas the Invisible fence company replaces their battery every 3 months and they can only be purchased from Invisible Fence. The local representative with DogWatch was Tim Smith. He was very comfortable to work with and was most patient with all my questions. He also did a fabulous job installing the system. I am a very happy and satisfied customer.

I would give Tim a high approval rating and feel confident referring customers to him.

Ed & Karen O. – Bradenton, FL

We received your letter regarding the expansion of your DogWatch ownership. Congratulations and all the best wishes for your business! As a DogWatch customer of almost a year we can say that we are very pleased and happy with our system....thanks to you! We have and continue to mention your company when we receive inquiries for electronic fences.

Best of luck to you!

Ruth & Tom M.

Tom and I, (Vicky & Sherman too) want to thank you for our hidden fence. The dogs needed extra work to be trained and Tim went above and beyond, coming out numerous times to help Tom and me train the dogs. It is obvious Tim cares deeply for our dogs and for our satisfaction in the DogWatch fence.

We all thank you so very much and look forward to years of the dogs hanging safely around our yard!


I would like to highly recommend DogWatch, and Tim of DogWatch if you are considering an electric fence for your property.

My dogs had lived in an apartment and when we moved to Nokomis, they were wild with the freedom of our new back yard. There were rabbits and lizards to chase, no boundaries, and no leashes.

I called Tim our first week here because it was clear the rules were going to have to change. He is a terrific man, and clearly not only knows his business, but cares deeply for pets and understands what they bring to our lives. We compared his product to that of Invisible Fence, and found it offered lots more.

And then we got Tim as part of the product. 🙂 Since my dogs are little, Tim adjusted their (pretty) collars and taught us how to train them. They got it with almost no effort on our part.

Kristen P. – Odessa, FL

I would just like to thank you guys for making my life much easier. I no longer have to put on the leash to take Roxy outside. She is free to roam the property and come in and out at her own leisure. It was nice working with Tim on my fencing and indoor 'safe zones' for the dog. Thank you again!!

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